Nathan Dautenhahn

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Computing systems contain vast amounts of sensitive information, but most systems have numerous layers of abstractions, making it challenging to guarantee high-level security properties. Nathan Dautenhahn's research identifies fundamental abstraction gaps and closes them with cross-layer solutions. He is most interested in building trustworthy systems software, where a single exploit could compromise the whole system. His research in operating system security has applied two key approaches: decompose systems in ways that enhance trustworthiness and harden them to attack.

Research Areas

Systems security, operating systems, virtualization, program analysis, microarchitecture.


PhD, Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2016)

BS, Computer Engineering, The University of New Mexico (2008)

Teaching Areas

Doctoral Education Perspectives

Advanced Operating Systems

Operating Systems Seminar

Promoting Undergraduate Research in Engineering (PURE)


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