Michael Burke

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Michael Burke's research interests include:  program analysis, static analysis-based tools for programming language optimization, mobile security, compiling for parallelism. Programming models for high performance parallel computation.

Research Areas

Static analysis-based tools for programming language optimization, mobile security, compiling for parallelism, database applications; programming models for high-performance computing


PhD, Computer Science, New York University (1983)

BA, Philosophy, Yale University (1973)

Teaching Areas

Introduction to Automata Theory, Formal Languages, and Computation

Reasoning About Algorithms

Algorithmic Thinking

Compiler Construction (undergraduate)

Compiler Construction (graduate)

Honors & Awards

2014: Selected for 25 years of International Conference on Supercomputing. An Overview of the PTRAN Analysis System for Multiprocessing. Fran Allen, Michael Burke, Philippe Charles, Ron Cytron, Jeanne Ferrante (ICS 1987).

2008: ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Service Award

2008: IBM Research Science Accomplishment for Stack Allocation and Synchronization Elimination for Java Using Escape Analysis

2007: ACM Distinguished Scientist

2007: IBM Invention Achievement Award, Second Plateau

2005: IBM Research Division Technical Group Award, alphaWorks Emerging Technologies Toolkit Release of the XML Enhancements for Java (XJ) Programming Language

2004: Selected for Best of PLDI: ACM SIGPLAN selection of 50 papers from 20 years of PLDI (1979-1999), based on impact and technical excellence: Michael Burke and Ron Cytron. Interprocedural Analysis and Parallelization.

1993: IBM Research Division Award, For Contributions to Gemstone Fortran Development

1983: Janet Fabri Award for an Outstanding Thesis in Computer Science, NYU


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