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Meng Li is Noah Harding Assistant Professor of Statistics at Rice University. Before joining Rice, Dr. Li was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University (2015-2017). His recent research focuses on statistical modeling of challenging data that arise in scientific and industrial applications such as images, functional data, networks, and tree-structured data, with theoretical guarantees and scalable implementation.

Research Areas

Probabilistic image analysis, machine learning, variable selection, functional data analysis, nonparametric Bayes, quantile regression, neuroscience, materials informatics

Industry Impact & Relevance

Research Award sponsored by QuesTek Innovations LLC


Ph.D. in Statistics, North Carolina State University

B.S. in Statistics, Sun Yat-sen University

Teaching Areas

Advanced Bayesian Inference

Linear Regression

Mathematical Statistics

Recent Patent Applications

Title: “Image and video compression through wavelets with adaptive recursive partitioning” Inventors : Li Ma and Meng Li. Status : Provisional patent application # 62/914,602 Filed on 10/14/19 with the USPTO.

Societies & Organizations

American Statistical Association (ASA)

Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)

International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA)

International Biometric Society Eastern North American Region (ENAR)

International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA)

Bernoulli Society (BS)

Honors & Awards

2020 Teaching + Research Excellence Award, School of Engineering, Rice University

2020 Keynote Speaker, Workshop, Inaugural Houston Area Chapter, American Statistical Association (HACASA) Workshop

2018 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award

2016 Empower Partnerships with Industry (PEPI) Award, SNF South Bid Data Hub


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