Krishna Palem

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Krishna V. Palem is the Kenneth and Audrey Kennedy Professor of Computing at the Department of Computer Science at the George Brown School of Engineering at Rice University. His research interests while focussed on all aspects of embedded computing, include adaptive architectures and computing, algorithms, compiler optimizations, embedded systems, low energy computing and nanoelectronics. He is the founding director of VISEN center at Rice University.

Research Areas

Adaptive and reconfigurable computing, Algorithms, Applied Probability, Compiler optimizations, Embedded systems, Low energy computing, Nano-scale Electronics and Computing, Technology for societal benefits


PhD, University of Texas at Austin (1986)

MS, in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Biomedical Engineering), University of Texas at Austin (1981)

Honors & Awards

2006–07: Moore Distinguished Faculty Fellow, California Institute of Technology,

2005: Fellow of the ACM for “contributions to compiler optimization and embedded computing”

2004: Fellow of the IEEE for “contributions to embedded computing”

2004 – 05: Invited Professor, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France

2000: Schonbrunn Fellow, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

2000: Teaching Excellence, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel


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