Kirsten Adam

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The visual world around us is beautiful and complex, but our brains have a limited processing capacity. To achieve our goals, we need to select only a subset of information to pay attention to and remember. My lab uses cognitive neuroscience methods (EEG, fMRI) and innovative behavioral measures to address central questions about how we succeed (and fail) at deploying our limited attentional resources.  For example, how do we successfully ignore irrelevant information that competes for our limited attention? How can we best detect (and correct) failures of attention that cascade into failures of memory?

Research Areas

Visual working memory; Visuospatial attention; Attentional lapses; Cognitive neuroscience


Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, University of Chicago, 2018

M.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Oregon, 2014

B.A. in Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame, 2012


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