Jerrold G. Rusk

Professor Rusk was trained in the political behavior program at the University of Michigan. His articles on American elections and political behavior have appeared in such journals as the American Political Science Review and the American Journal of Political Science. Professor Rusk was named to the American Political Science Review Hall of Fame for publishing 5 or more articles in his discipline’s national journal over the last 40 years. Professor Rusk also served on the editorial board of this journal for 4 years. The articles Professor Rusk has published have been reprinted in 22 different scholarly books and readers. His most recent book, A Statistical History of the American Electorate, was named “Best Reference Source 2001” by the Library Journal and “Outstanding Academic Book 2003” by Choice Magazine. His current book manuscript (with Lyn Ragsdale) entitled The American Nonvoter has been accepted for publication by Oxford University Press and is forthcoming. Professor Rusk’s current research interests focus on the history of American electoral turnout and the history of electoral reform in America from 1788 to the present.

Research Areas

Major areas of research include American elections, political behavior, and electoral reform.


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