James Doss-Gollin


James Doss-Gollin’s research focuses on understanding how assumptions and uncertainties about the future shape system design and investment in water systems and climate adaptation. His approach uses space-time statistical modeling, operations research methods, and a physics-based understanding of the climate system. He plans to build on research focus to address impactful and policy-relevant challenges in three core areas: (i) statistical-dynamical modeling of high-impact phenomena, such as atmospheric rivers, to inform spatially clustered hydroclimatic risks; (ii) scaling decentralized water and energy services and assessing their resilience; and (iii) identifying and optimizing trade-offs between investments in storage, transmission, and generation in renewable energy systems.  

James’ teaching experience and exploration of rigorous evidence have helped to define his teaching mission to create an inclusive and interactive environment in which students develop rigorous quantitative and qualitative analytical tools and apply them to the study of problems in complex systems.

Research Areas

Hydroclimatic dynamics and its application to the design of water and infrastructure systems under conditions of uncertainty and limited information, with specific reference to climate adaptation ​


Postdoctoral Scholar,Keller Research Group, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, Pennsylvania State University 2020-

Ph.D., Earth and Enviromental Engineering, Columbia University 2020

M.S., Earth and Environmental Engineering 2016

B.S. cum laude, Mechanical Engineering 2015

Honors & Awards

Nickolas and Liliana Themelis Fellowship,Fu Foundation School ofEngineering and Applied Science, Columbia University 2018

Graduate Research Fellowship,Climate and Large-Scale Atmospheric Dynamics,National Science Foundation 2017

Presidential Distinguished Fellowship,Fu Foundation School of Engineeringand Applied Science, Columbia University 2015

Distinction in Major,Department of Mechanical Engineering and MaterialsScience, Yale University 2015

Legacy Award, New Haven Promise 2015

Larry Coben ’79 Fellowship, Yale University 2014

Vance-Carter Travel Award, Yale University 2013

Thomas C. Barry Travel Award, Yale University 2012


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