Humayun Kabir is working as a Lecturer in Chemistry at Rice University. He obtained both his B.Sc. (Hons.) and M.Sc. degrees in Chemistry from Dhaka University, Bangladesh and conducted research in the area of Michael addition reactions using copper-based Gilman reagents. He started his career as a faculty and taught general chemistry and organic chemistry courses both in undergraduate and graduate levels in Bangladesh (SUST) and co-supervised a few undergraduate research projects. During his teaching, he received a prestigious and highly competitive scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (Monbusho) to carry out his higher studies in Japan and obtained Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree from Tokyo Metropolitan University working on transition metal-catalyzed coupling (alternative to Negishi coupling) and cross-coupling reactions for the synthesis of polycyclic aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds using organozinc and Lipshutz reagents. Kabir got his postdoctoral training from the University of Calgary. Soon after that he received a prestigious McCain Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship from Mount Allison University to teach organic chemistry courses, conduct research on organosulfur and amino-boron chemistry, and co-supervise undergraduate research projects. Later, he had an opportunity to teach general chemistry, analytical chemistry, and organic chemistry courses internationally in various capacities in Asia (University of Hail), China (Soochow University/University of Victoria/California State University, San Bernardino), and Canada (MacEwan University). Before joining Rice, he worked as a sessional faculty with the University of Regina and taught organic chemistry theoretical and laboratory courses. His teaching interests include general chemistry, analytical chemistry and all facets of organic chemistry courses including laboratories. In recognition of his teaching, he received a teaching innovation award from Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University (XJTLU), China.

Other than working in the academia, Kabir had an opportunity to work in the pharmaceutical industries as a research scientist in medicinal chemistry. His research program in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry concerns the design, syntheses and biological evaluation of dipeptidyl compounds, polyphenols and quinazolinones to identify lead molecules for pre-clinical drug development. He has considerable number of publications in international peer-reviewed journals and presented his research work in eighteen international conferences and symposiums.


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