Huey Huang

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Huey Huang studies membrane biophysics. His group focuses on the functional roles of the lipid matrix in cell membranes, including three areas (1) membrane active peptides that form pores in membranes, (2) membrane fusion and, (3) pore forming proteins including Bcl2 family and diphtheria toxin. Using oriented circular dichroism, x-ray/neutron diffraction, and confocal micromanipulator systems, his group has pioneered investigations on conformation/orientation changes of peptides, protein induced structures in membranes, intermediate states of membrane fusion, kinetics of peptide-membrane interactions and free energy description of membrane-mediated processes.

Research Areas

Statistical Physics, X-ray, Neutron, and Optical Spectroscopies on Membrane-active Peptides and Membrane Physics


1963 BS National Taiwan University

1967 PhD Cornell University


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