Henk Mooiweer

WEBSITE(S)| Henk Mooiweer, Innovenate LLC


Henk is an innovation expert who successfully led many disruptive and high impact opportunities to Proof of Concept and implementation. In his 25-year career at Shell he effectively managed the development of multiple complex business opportunities and many, often unconventional, external partnerships.  In his role as corporate Angel Investor in Shell’s GameChanger team he gained a deep understanding how to reduce the impact of corporate immune systems.

Currently, as innovation consultant at Innovenate LLC, he helps his clients to strongly enhance the value they obtain from their Innovation efforts. He offers pragmatic strategic support to corporate management to radically improve the way innovation resolves challenges and delivers new opportunities. He delivers practical approaches to remove innovation barriers and implement drivers.

In his role as Adjunct Professor at Rice University he studies and teaches approaches to make individuals and teams better inventors and innovators.


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