Hengrui Luo

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Hengrui is the newest faculty member in the Department of Statistics.  Prior to joining STAT, he was a Postdoc Researcher at the Computational Research Department, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at Berkeley. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Statistics, The Ohio State University at Columbus in 2020. His current research interests include: Bayesian Methods, (e.g., Bayesian optimization, scalable Bayesian modeling and nonparametric processes.) Topological Data Analysis. (e.g., Topology of random sets, dimension reduction and functional data analysis.) and high-dimensional probability. (e.g., Sketching and randomized


Research Areas

Bayesian methodology, topological and geometrical data analysis, high-dimensional probability


B.S. Mathematics, Sun Yat-sen University at Guangzhou

M.S. Statistics, The Ohio State University

Ph.D. Statistics, The Ohio State University

Honors & Awards

2021 SIAM Early Career Travel Award, SIAM.

2020 Craig Cooley Memorial Prize for Scholar Excellence, Department of Statistics, OSU


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