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We focus on determining the seismic structure of Earth’s deep interior to understand its chemical composition and the nature of convection within the planet. We have applied and developed many techniques to map the fine seismic structures at various depths. A variety of research projects including the inner core hemisphericity and anisotropy, fine seismic structure near the core-mantle boundary, seismic reflectors in the mid-mantle depths, lateral variation of the mantle transition zone structure, the crust-mantle transition and depth distribution of seismic anisotropy is ongoing in our group.

Research Areas

global seismology, inner core hemisphericity and anisotropy, mid-mantle seismic structures


B.S. Geophysics (1988) University of Science and Technology of China

M.S. Geophysics (1994) University of Tokyo

Ph.D. Geophysics (1997) University of Tokyo

Societies & Organizations

American Geophysical Union

Seismological Society of Japan

Honors & Awards

Fellow of the American Geophysical Union

NSF and Carnegie Fellowship

Science and Technology Agency of Japan (STA) Fellowship

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship

Monbusho Scholarship of the Ministry of Education, Japan


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