Emilie Ringe

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Research Summary

The research in the Ringe group focuses on identifying and characterizing the structural and compositional features of multicomponent nanomaterials. These are critical to control sensing, plasmonic light localization, and catalysis. We aim to develop new functional nanomaterials for monitoring and controlling reactions on the nanoscale. To approach the interdisciplinary field of nanoengineering we use a variety of advanced techniques with a special focus on electron microscopy and spectroscopy, theoretical modeling, and optical techniques. We collaborate with a wide range of scientists within the university, nationally, and internationally.



Emilie Ringe earned her B.A./M.S. summa cum laude (2008) in chemistry, then Ph.D. in chemistry and materials science at Northwestern University in 2012. She then became the Gott Research Fellow at Trinity Hall as well as a Newton International Research Fellow (Royal Society) in the Materials Science and Metallurgy Department at Cambridge University. In 2014, she was hired as an assistant professor at Rice University, where she established the Electron Microscopy Center. Her awards as a principal investigator include an AFOSR-YIP, 3M Non-tenured faculty award and ACS-PRF Doctoral New Investigator award.


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