Elizabeth Roberto

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Elizabeth Roberto is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Rice University. Dr. Roberto received a Ph.D. in Sociology from Yale University. She was awarded a James S. McDonnell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Award in Studying Complex Systems, which supported her postdoctoral research at Princeton University. Dr. Roberto has broad research interests in social and spatial inequality, a substantive focus on residential segregation, and methodological expertise in computational social science and quantitative methods.


Roberto, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth Korver-Glenn. 2021. "The Spatial Structure and Local Experience of Residential Segregation." Spatial Demography. doi: 10.1007/s40980-021-00086-7.

Hwang, Jackelyn, Elizabeth Roberto, and Jacob Rugh. 2019. “Residential Segregation in the Twenty-First Century and the Role of Housing Policy,” In How Public Policy Impacts Racial Inequality, edited by Josh Grimm and Jaime Loke. Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press.

Roberto, Elizabeth. 2018. “The Spatial Proximity and Connectivity Method for Measuring and Analyzing Residential Segregation.” Sociological Methodology 48(1): 182-224. doi: 10.1177/0081175018796871 (https://www.asanet.org/sites/default/files/attach/journals/sm2018feature.pdf)

Research Areas

Social and spatial inequality, residential segregation, computational social science, quantitative methods


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