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Dr. Cox primary research interests are nonparametric function estimation, functional data analysis, stochastic processes, machine learning, Bayesian methods, statistical computing, and the foundations and applications of statistical inferenence. He has collaborated with investigators from such disciplines as electrical engineering, neurophysiology, oncology, and nuclear fusion research. Professor Cox has also done theoretical work in nonparametric function estimation, statistical approximation theory, and Bayesian methods.

Research Areas

Nonparametric Function Estimation, Functional Data Analysis, Spatial Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Machine Learning, Computational Statistics, Monte Carlo methods, Environmetrics, Bayesian Methods, Applied Statistics, Theoretical Statistics, Probability Theory.


Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Washington

M.S. in Mathematics, University of Denver

B.A. in Mathematics, University of Colorado

Advisory Role

2017-19 Chair, Graduate Review Committee

2017-18 Undergraduate Advisor

Teaching Areas

Fundamentals of Statistical Inference

Generalized Linear Models and Categorical Data Analysis

Statistical Machine Learning

Societies & Organizations

Fellow, American Statistical Association (ASA)

Honors & Awards

2008 Rice Presidential Mentoring Award


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