Deirdre Hunter

Ph.D., Engineering Education, Virginia Tech
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Syracuse University
A.S., Engineering Science, Onondaga Community College

Dr. Deirdre Hunter has a diverse educational background that includes a specialization in external fluid flows and experimental methods in wind tunnels, as well as specializations in curriculum and faculty development for engineering education. Deirdre’s work focuses on positively impacting learner motivation in the classroom and engagement in the learning process, through designing innovative learner-centered courses and developing faculty skills for such environments.

She joined Rice University as a Lecturer at the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen in December 2016, where she develops and teaches courses in support of the Minor in Engineering Design. Prior to joining Rice, Deirdre worked in Northern Mexico as the Director of Development for La Gran Familia de Gregory, a not-for-profit children’s home serving abandoned children and youth.

Interests: Engineering Design Process, Visualization, Learner-centered Pedagogy, Metacognition, Course Development, Faculty Development, Qualitative Research Design and Analysis, Fluid Flow Measurements (LDV and PIV) 


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