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I am a biogeochemist and geobiologist interested in developing new tools to understand the processes that control carbon, nitrogen, and water fluxes through the Earth system. Theoretical aspects of my research include development of new tools to measure physical and chemical properties of the Earth, as well as applications of synthetic biology to Earth system questions. My applied research uses these tools to understand greenhouse gas removal processes, focusing on water, energy, agriculture, and marine processes. My group maintains an additional focus in the area of carbon market development in collaboration with the Baker Institute for Public Policy.

Research Areas

biogeochemistry, soil sustainability, carbon, nitrogen, water cycling, synthetic biology


B.A. Physics and Mathematics (1991) Earlham College

M.S. Environmental Science (1993) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Ph.D. Earth System Science (1999) University of California, Irvine

Honors & Awards

2017 Fellow, Geological Society of America

2006 Hamill Innovation Award, Rice University/Hamill Foundation

2002-2003 American Fellow, AAUW


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