Ayrat Dimiev

Ayrat M. Dimiev received his PhD degree in physical chemistry from Kazan University, Kazan, Tatarstan, RF. After defending his PhD thesis, he held the assistant professor position at Kazan Agricultural University, where he worked on developing various forms of micronutrient fertilizers for crops. In 2001 Dr. Dimiev emigrated to USA to teach the International Baccalaureate chemistry course. In 2008 he joined the group of Professor James M. Tour at Rice University as a postdoc, where he started his studies in the field of carbon. In 2013, Dr. Dimiev accepted a personal invitation from AZ Electronic Materials (presently EMD Performance Materials Corp., USA, a business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany) to help in their newly started carbon program. There, he worked on developing and commercializing new products comprising graphene oxide and graphene nanoribbons. In 2016 Dr. Dimiev had received another invitation from his alma-mater to open and lead an open-lab as an invited leading scientist from abroad in the frames of the federal program aimed increasing the competitiveness level of Kazan Federal University. On this position he received and successfully accomplished several grants from RSF, plus an industrial grant from YTC America Inc., CA, USA.

The main focus of Dr. Dimiev’s research is in the field of the chemistry and physics of carbon nanomaterials. This includes fundamental aspects of the structure and chemistry of graphene oxide from its synthesis through applications, and intellectually designed composites of epoxy resins with carbon based nanofillers. The most recent interests include design and fabrication of various metal-on-carbon-support nanocomposites, where the form of metals varies from single atoms through few-atom clusters and to complex nanoparticles. These materials serve as electro-catalysts for alternative energetics, including single-atom-catalysis.


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