Assistant Professor Avantika Gori

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Avantika Gori is an Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Rice University. Her research focuses on understanding and quantifying coastal flood risk under evolving climate and landscape conditions. Combining physics-based models and multivariate statistical methods, her research falls into three main categories: i) climate change impacts on tropical cyclone climatology and hydrometeorological extremes, ii) probabilistic methods for high-resolution delineation of compound flood hazard, and iii) the interaction of coastal hazards, climate change, and the built and natural environment. Dr. Gori obtained a B.S. (2016) and M.S. (2018) degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Rice University, and a Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Princeton University (2023). 


Research Areas

Tropical cyclone climatology and hazards, climate impacts on compound extremes, coastal flood risk and resilience, physics-based methods for multi-hazard risk assessment

Honors & Awards

2022-2023 Wallace Memorial Honorific Fellowship 2022 AGU Natural Hazards Award for Graduate Research 2021 Future Cities Fellowship 2019-2022 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship 2018 Gordon Y. S. Wu Fellowship in Engineering 2017


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