Anna Rhodes

Anna Rhodes is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Rice University. She received her PhD in Sociology from Johns Hopkins University. Her research combines urban sociology, the sociology of education, and environmental sociology to investigate household residential decision-making. One area of her research investigates the dynamic relationship between residential and educational inequality, and specifically examines the intersection of families’ school and residential choices to explore the role of housing, neighborhood, and school contexts on children’s educational opportunities and outcomes. Her current projects examine how low-income families sort into communities and schools across different metropolitan areas and the social processes through which their residential and educational contexts influence children. Another vein of her work examines the residential decisions of households in the wake of disaster, highlighting the ways that climate change and disasters increase economic vulnerability and inequality among households in affected communities. Her book "Soaking the Middle Class: Suburban Inequality and Disaster Recovery" with Max Besbris was recently published by the Russell Sage Foundation. Dr. Rhodes has also published work in the Social Problems, Social Forces, Urban Education, American Educational Research Journal, Evaluation Review, and in the edited volume “Choosing Homes, Choosing Schools.”


Stuart, Elizabeth and Anna Rhodes. 2017. “Generalizing Treatment Effect Estimates from Sample to Population: A Case Study in the Difficulties of Finding Sufficient Data.” Evaluation Review. 41(4): 357-388.

Rhodes, Anna and Siri Warkentien. 2016. “Unwrapping the Suburban “Package Deal”: Race, Class, and School Access.” American Educational Research Journal, 54(1_suppl): 168S-189S.

Rhodes, Anna and Stefanie DeLuca. 2014. “Residential Mobility and School Choice Among Poor Families.” In Annette Lareau & Kim Goyette (Eds.) Choosing Homes, Choosing Schools. New York: Russell Sage.

Research Areas

Education, Housing, Poverty and Inequality


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