Ang Chen

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Ang Chen works on secure forensics with network provenance, defenses against distributed denial-of-service attacks, as well as programmable networks.

Research Areas

Ang Chen is interested in designing secure, efficient, and reliable networked systems. One direction he has been working on is Programmable In-network Security (Poise), where his team is rethinking how future networks should support security architecturally. Another direction they are looking at is network support for data-intensive applications, which aims to optimize the interaction between data-processing tasks and the underlying network. In addition, they are working to make large-scale systems more reliable, where they develop new primitives for failure prevention, diagnosis, and repair. Their research is supported under a CAREER award and a CNS medium grant by the NSF.


PhD, Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania (2017)

BEng, Information Security, Wuhan University (2009)

Teaching Areas

Secure and Cloud Computing

Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems

Honors & Awards

2020: Faculty Early Career Development Award, National Science Foundation


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