Andrew Long

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Research Summary

My work addresses open questions in the fields of high energy particle physics and cosmology. Most notably I have endeavored to understand the origin matter / antimatter asymmetry of the universe using the techniques of quantum field theory, particle physics, and statistical mechanics.  Additionally, I continue to study the nature of dark matter; the mechanism of cosmological inflation; the origin, evolution, and detection of primordial magnetic fields; the power of future collider experiments to probe Higgs physics and the complementarity with gravitational wave interferometry as a probe of the electroweak epoch; and the extent to which astrophysical observations can be used to search for and uncover relics from the early universe.

Research Areas

theoretical particle physics, early universe cosmology, dark matter, baryogenesis, neutrinos, topological defects, axions, particle astrophysics


2012 PhD Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology, University of Wisconsin


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