Alexei Stolboushkin

After receiving his PhD in Math from the Steklov Mathematics Institute in Leningrad (specializing in Algebra, Logic, and Number Theory) at the age of 25, Alexei continued his career in Academia working as a Researcher for the USSR Academy of Sciences, CUNY, MIT Lab. for Computer Science, and as Professor at UCLA, where he taught Computer Science. Over time, his research interests moved more and more towards Computing. 

Starting in 1996, Alexei’s career has been in Industry, where he worked for a string of Silicon Valley companies, including Google, Lyft, and PayPal, as a Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, and Director of Software Development.

During his 12 years at Google, Alexei focused on Search Quality, YouTube Advertising, and YouTube scalability. Some of the distributed systems developed by Alexei and his teams are still in Google/YouTube production today, including a system codenamed Dallas, which works to reduce the adverse user impact of YouTube Ads while also increasing Revenue.



PhD, Mathematics, Steklov Mathematics Institute in Leningrad


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