Teaching Excellence Award Winner 2007, 2008, 2010

Professor Al Napier teaches The New Enterprise course in each of the MBA degree programs. This course and other courses in the entrepreneurship curriculum are capstone courses that force students to integrate all the courses they have taken. It is not possible to start, buy, or sell a business without understanding how all the parts of a business such as management, strategy, operations, marketing, finance, economics, and accounting work together.

While being an academic, Napier has continued to keep business activities a part of his life. He brings to the classroom 30 years of entrepreneurial plus 8 years of big company experience. He owned a computer consulting and education business for 21 years.

Napier’s research interests are in entrepreneurship and human-computer interaction. Recently completed books include: Essentials of Entrepreneurship (2011), Creating a Winning E-Business Second Edition (2006), Preparing an Entrepreneurial Business Plan Revised Edition (2006), Business Planning: 25 Keys to a Sound Business Plan (1999), and Web Design: Introductory Concepts and Techniques, Third Edition (2009).


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