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Burak Gerislioglu earned his first M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University (2018) and his second M.S. degree in Applied Physics from Rice University (2020). Currently, he is a Welch Fellowship Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Physics in Smalley-Curl Institute at Rice University under the supervision of Prof. Peter J. Nordlander and Prof. Naomi J. Halas, and serving as a Guest Editor to MDPI Biosensors and MDPI Nanomaterials. He also serves as an invited reviewer to Science, Nature, WILEY, ACS, OSA, IOP, De Gruyter, Cell Press, IEEE, Elsevier, PLOS, Springer, MDPI, and Bentham Science journal families. Since June 2020, he is on the reviewer board of MDPI Nanomaterials and he is the recipient of MDPI Nanomaterials 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award.

Burak has published 41 peer-reviewed articles which have been cited 1279 times (h-index: 22) in Nature, Science, ACS, RSC, WILEY, APS, AIP, OSA, Elsevier, IEEE, and MDPI journal families. He holds 3 U.S. patents and co-authored (as an Editor) the book entitled 'Toroidal Metamaterials: Fundamentals, Devices, and Applications' from Springer Nature.

Objective: Focused Ph.D. contributing to theoretical and experimental light-matter interactions in the field of photonics and optics to develop next-generation technologies (5+ years of cross-culture collaboration experience in research).

Research Areas

Nanomaterials and Nanodevices, Photonics and Plasmonics, Theory and Computation

Honors & Awards

MDPI Nanomaterials 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award

Robert A. Welch Fellowship


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