Maureen Haver

My research focuses on emergent narratives, discourses, and advocacy around climate change and energy policy in the United States with a specific interest in Alaska and the Arctic region. I investigate how individual perceptions of and experiences with climate change, energy, and resource extraction influence the broader sociopolitical, economic, and ethical framing of these issues. My research also investigates how Alaskan stakeholders perceive the impact of federal, state, and local policies intended to address climate change, facilitate energy transition, and/or manage fossil fuel resource extraction. The primary goal is to develop a more nuanced understanding of how the ethical practices, political commitments, and lived experiences of stakeholders may inform competing worldviews on energy and climate in order to gain a better insight into how policies and strategies are being negotiated, resisted, and/or implemented. Currently, I hold a pre-doctoral fellowship at Rice’s Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences (CENHS) where it is a great privilege to work among a community of scholars whose innovative research critically engages energy and environmental studies through the arts, human sciences and humanities.

Research Areas

adaptation; Alaska; arctic resources; carbon democracies; climate change; economics; energy policy; energy transition; energopolitics; environment and ecology; ethics and morality; fossil fuels; infrastructure; North America; oil and gas industry; political identity; resource extraction; sovereignty and citizenship


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