Magnús Örn Agnesar Sigurðsson

WEBSITE(S)| Earth101

I study the service and support of global organizations, institutions, and initiatives for international climate policy as well as the implementation of climate-resilient development, in compliance with global climate agreements (e.g. Paris Agreement). Specifically, I am interested in white-collar work in close proximity to political actors, their brokerage positions within decision-making and coordination processes.

I have a background in environmental theory and science with degrees in environment literature (B.A.) and environment and natural resources (M.A.), and as a student in the anthropology department at Rice University.

Expanding on my academic interests in the way that knowledge of climate change circulates between academic disciplines, I have had the privilege of working on a research project in Iceland dedicated to bettering the mediation of scientific knowledge on climate change to the public. This has been accomplished through the organization of public lectures and providing documentary filmmakers with exclusive interviews with climate scientists (

In my fieldwork, I have served in global organizations, institutions, and initiatives at the United Nations in Bonn, Germany.

Research Areas

climate politics, bureaucracy, global governance, development.


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