Dissertation Title

Passports to the Atlantic: Free and Enslaved Travelers of Color from Nineteenth Century New Orleans


Tentatively entitled " "Human Worth on a Ship: Race, Gender, and Status at the Embarking of Queen Anne's Revenge," in Gender and the Sea: Women and Men in Maritime History, Yearbook for Women's History.

"Maritime Miscommunication: La Concorde's Final Voyage," in Discovering Hidden Histories of the Slave-Trade and Pirate Ships through Material Culture and Documentary Evidence, Springer Press.

Research Fellowship

2019 -2020      
Research Fellow, “A Tale of Two Ships Project,” North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Greenville, NC.  

Conferences and Presentations

"Free, Black, and Traveling: An Analysis of the Passports Issued to New Orleans Gens De Couleur Libre, 1818-1831," Society for Historical Archeology Conference, Philadelphia, PA. 

"From La Concorde to Queen Anne's Revenge: the Repurposing of a French Slave-Trading Vessel into an English Pirate Ship in the 18th Century Atlantic World," European Association for Early American Studies Conference, Poitiers, France and Virtual.

“A ‘Tale of Two Ships’ Archival Research and Translation: My Experience as a Fellow with the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources for the IMLS grant-funded ‘Tale of Two Ships’ Project,” for Shaping An Inclusive Interpretive Vision for LaC/QAR Final Convening, Virtual Event.

“Tales from the Archive ('A Tale of Two Ships'),” Society for Historical Archeology Conference, Boston, MA.

“A Tale of One Ship with Two Names: Opportunities Presented by an 18th Century Shipwreck for Wide-Ranging Research, with Reference to Global Black Migrations,” Association for the Study of African American Life and History Conference, Charleston, SC.

“The Impact of American Law on Free Women of Color in 19th Century New Orleans,” American Society for Legal History Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

Research Areas

Atlantic History; History of the African Diaspora; Nineteenth Century American History; World History; Gender History


M.A. University of New Orleans

B.A. Jackson State University


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