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Nicole was born and raised in Houston, TX and she currently resides in Pearland. For the past five years, she worked at the University of Houston as a Program Manager in the Psychological, Health, and Learning Sciences Department. Nicole received her Associate of Arts degree in Teacher Education from Houston Community College, her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Houston - Downtown, and she is currently working on a Master of Public Health through an online program at Lamar University. She plans to pursue a Doctor of Public Health at some point in the future, as it aligns with her passion of learning about and addressing health disparities and inequities.

Some of Nicole’s hobbies include Zumba, reading dystopian novels, walking/semi-jogging, traveling, spending time with family, and binge watching popular TV shows.

Fun fact: Nicole loves white water rafting. She has rafted in Colorado, Tennessee, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. On the top of her bucket list is rafting the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

“I am very excited to be a part of the Rice family, and especially grateful to be in the School of Humanities with such wonderful people."


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