Jesus Antonio J Acapulco

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Dr. Acapulco acquired his bachelor's degree in Chemistry at Mindanao State University-IIT in his home country, the Philippines. He finished his master's degree in Chemistry at Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea, under the supervision of Professor Sungho Park where he worked on the optical properties of noble metal core-hollow-shell nanostructures. During this time, Dr. Acapulco got interested in nanomaterials particularly understanding the science behind the synthesis of such novel materials. He then pursued his PhD under the supervision of Professor Nicole Grobert at University of Oxford in England where he focused on the synthesis of low-dimensional boron nitride nanomaterials for thermal management applications. Dr. Acapulco is working with Professor Matteo Pasquali to synthesize hybrid nanostructured one-dimensional nanomaterials and investigate their liquid crystals. His research aims the application in molecular probes, protective coatings, and smart and flexible devices.

Other than being in the laboratory, Dr. Acapulco loves to play the guitar, enjoys hanging out, and likes to try something new. In addition to his PhD degree, he was able to have a pint (or more) of all the pubs in Oxford.



Ph.D., Materials, University of Oxford

M.S., Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University

B.S., Chemistry, Mindanao State University - IIT


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