Haejin E. Koh

Haejin E. Koh joined Rice University in 2012. She brings with her a diverse background combining a PhD degree in Korean linguistics, an MA degree in Asian Studies, and a BS degree in electrical engineering. Haejin’s experience includes over 15 years in higher education, teaching, research, and administration, and her research interests focus on linguistic politeness and honorifics. She currently serves as an Associate and a First-Year Mentor at Brown College and as the Sponsor of the Rice Asian Studies Organization (RASO) and 6100Main [sic], Fashion of Rice University.


Korean for Professionals
Haejin E. Koh and Dong-Kwan Kong (editors)

Innovations in Teaching Advanced Korean
Ho-min Sohn, Sang Yee Cheon, and Haejin E. Koh (editors)

Voices and Visions in Global Perspective
Lucy Lower and Haejin E. Koh (editors)


Korean Language in Culture and Society
Ho-min Sohn (editor)


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