caroline gutierrez

Caroline joined the SSI team as the Assistant Director of the Rice Emerging Scholars Program (RESP) in June 2016 after earning a Master of Education degree in Student Affairs and Higher Education from the University of Maryland. She has been the Associate Director of RESP since June 2020. Born and raised in Texas, she is thrilled to be working at Rice University, her alma mater, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. Within higher education, she is interested in the Latino/a/x student experience and the intersections of student leadership and identity. Caroline will take any excuse to get a cup of coffee from Coffeehouse, so reach out anytime to set up a meeting with her.

Advising Philosophy: College is full of exciting and uncertain times, whether academic, co-curricular, or life related. These various parts of life influence the ways in which students engage in a college classroom. Feeling “messy” or making mistakes is a normal part of the process too, but one that many people don’t talk about. If you take that first step in vulnerability to ask for help, I will do everything I am able to meet you halfway to validate your tough experiences, offer insight and explain the confusing “hidden curriculum” of college. If you are willing to take some risks and try new habits, I will be your cheerleader as you continue making mistakes (a little more confidently!) and growing throughout your time at Rice.


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