Dilip Asthagiri

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Research Areas

• Statistical physics of liquids and soft matter (bio-macromolecules and colloids) — Developed the regularization approach to free energy calculations. • Approach enabled the first all-atom calculation of the hydration thermodynamics of a realistic protein and is providing new insights into driving forces in macromolecular folding and assembly • Approach enables direct assessment of thermodynamics in ab initio simulations —| A key contributor in the development of a theory of solutions founded on the quasichemical generalization of the potential distribution theorem • Approach enabled the rigorous treatment of multibody effects in ion hydration and in the theory for associating fluids and patchy colloids • Bayesian statistical analysis; MaxEnt methods; and physics-based statistical modeling of biological networks •Modeling and interpretation of NMR relaxation


1999 Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark

1994 M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

1992 B.S. Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India


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