Abdullah Zaher

MECE Student
Projected Graduation: Fall 2023

rachel e. zahn
Rachel E. Zahn

Graduate Student
CTE Graduate Fellow

John Zammito
John Zammito

Baker College Professor Emeritus for History of Science, Technology and Innovation

Aurora Zarate
Aurora Zarate

Executive Assistant

Anastasiya Zavyalova
Anastasiya Zavyalova

Associate Professor, Strategic Management

Arina Zaytseva

PhD Candidate

Ricardo J. Zednik
Ricardo J. Zednik

Professor in the Practice

Colin Zelt headshot
Colin A. Zelt

Professor, Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Recently Added Profiles

Cindy Pereira

Program Administrator
Department of Religion
Department of Philosophy

Edith Torrez

Financial & Budget Analyst

Yishen (Eason) Zhang headshot
Yishen Zhang

Clever Planets Postdoctoral Research Associate, Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Gustavo Bravo
Jose Gustavo Bravo Flores

Graduate Student

Andy Osborn
Andy Osborn

Program Manager of Educational Initiatives


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