Brittany Templeton

Assistant Director for Computer Science and Mathematics

Photo of David Tenney
David Tenney


Bezaye Tessema headshot
Bezaye Tessema

Postdoctoral Fellow, Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Tolga Tezcan
Tolga Tezcan

Professor of Operations Management

Photo of Tayfun Tezduyar, PhD
Tayfun E. Tezduyar

James F. Barbour Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Allison Thacker, President of the RMC and Vice President of Investments
Allison Thacker

Vice President of Investments
Chief Investment Officer
President of the RMC

Michelle Thackray
Michelle Thackray

Associate Vice President, Operational Excellence and Engagement

Md Shajedul Hoque Thakur

Graduate Student

Recently Added Profiles

Israel Haile
Israel Haile

Computer Science
Sid Richardson College
May 2025

Yeonju Kim
Yeonju Kim

Will Rice College
May 2024

Michael King
Michael R. King

E.D. Butcher Chair of Bioengineering & CPRIT Scholar
Special Advisor to the Provost on Life Science Collaborations with the Texas Medical Center

Brooke Johnson
Brooke Johnson

Preceptor (Chemistry)

Alyssa Cahoy
Alyssa Cahoy

Program Administrator
Department of Transnational Asian Studies
Chao Center for Asian Studies

John Zito headshot
John Zito

PhD student
2023-24 Future Faculty Fellow


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