Justin M. Mower

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Michael Kohn
Michael Kohn

Associate Professor of BioSciences

Tymofii (Tim) Pieshkov

Graduate Student, Applied Physics Program
Advisor: Prof. Yimo Han (MSNE)
Matriculation Year: 2020

Hossein Robatjazi

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

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Margaret Cheung

Adjunct Professor, Bioengineering
Moores Professor of Physics, Department of Physics University of Houston

Richard Wolf
Richard A. Wolf

Professor Emeritus and Research Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Laurie Ebertowski
Laurie Ebertowski

Research Administrator

Jaime Aparicio
Jaime Aparicio

Lecturer, Biomechanics

Ashish Pal

PhD Graduate Student, Nagarajaiah Research Group
Ryon Lab 202

Recently Added Profiles

Mark Ditman, M.B.A.
Mark Ditman

Associate Vice President, Housing & Dining

José Candelaria

PhD Candidate

Beatrice Chan
Beatrice Chan

PhD Student

Chelsea Dacus
Chelsea Dacus

PhD Candidate


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