Aurora Zarate
Aurora Zarate

Executive Assistant

Arina Zaytseva

PhD Student

Colin Zelt headshot
Colin A. Zelt

Professor, Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences

Zijian Zeng
Zijian Zeng

Graduate Student, Doctor of Philosophy

Selena Zermeno
Selena Zermeño

Program Administrator for Profs. Link/Landes and Center for Adapting Flaws into Features (CAFF)

Tianshu Zhai

Graduate Student

Haizhou Zhan

Graduate Student

Zexi Zhang

Graduate Student

Bohan Zhang

Graduate Student

Recently Added Profiles

Tracie Ford

Student ERP Security Administrator

decorative image
Trisha Whiteman

Digital Information Accessibility Coordinator

Gayle Schroeder

Academic Program Administrator

Claudia Rincon

Academic Program Coordinator

Shalaina Mullen

Academic Program Coordinator

Rhonda Guajardo

Accounting & Financial Analyst


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