Ming Yi
Ming Yi

Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy

Fu Yin
Fu Yin

Graduate Student
Doctor of Philosophy

Daniel Yoo

Instructional Systems Specialist II

Joe Young
Joseph Young

Assistant Teaching Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director, Professional Master Program

Olivia K. Young
Olivia K. Young

Assistant Professor of Art History

Damian Young
Damian Young

Associate Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

Samantha Yruegas

James and Deborah T. Godwin Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Norman Hackerman-Welch Young Investigator

Chi Liang Yu
Chi Liang Yu

Educational Media Designer
Office of the Dean
School of Humanities

Tianjiao Yu

MECE Student
Projected Graduation: Spring 2023

Recently Added Profiles

Photo of Belinda Collins on blue background
Belinda Collins

Senior Finance Specialist

shilly riser
Shilly Riser

Associate Director

Joseph B. Davidson

Senior Associate General Counsel

Jeff Barnes

Associate General Counsel

Carlos Taveras
Carlos Taveras

Ph.D. Student

Ronaldo Oliveira
Ronaldo Oliveira

Research Scientist, CTBP, Rice University
Associate Professor, Universidade Federal do Triangulo Mineiro, UFTM, Physics Department, Uberaba, Brazil


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