Bing Yuan
Bing Yuan

Graduate Student
Doctor of Philosophy

Mingze Yuan
Mingze Yuan

Graduate Student, Masters of Statistics

Ziqin Yue
Ziqin Yue

Graduate Student, Applied Physics Program
Advisor: Prof. Ming Yi (PHYS)
Matriculation Year: 2020

Michael B. Yuen ‘89
Michael B. Yuen ’89

Cypress Capital Group, Palo Alto, CA

Professor Harvey Yunis
Harvey Yunis

Andrew W. Mellon Professor
Modern & Classical Literatures & Cultures
School of Humanities

Faiza Zafar
Faiza Zafar

Postdoctoral Associate

Abdullah Zaher

MECE Student
Projected Graduation: Fall 2023

John Zammito
John Zammito

Baker College Professor Emeritus for History of Science, Technology and Innovation
Research Professor

Richard A. Zansitis, Advisor to the President
Richard A. Zansitis

Advisor to the President

Recently Added Profiles

Tracie Ford

Student ERP Security Administrator

decorative image
Trisha Whiteman

Digital Information Accessibility Coordinator

Gayle Schroeder

Academic Program Administrator

Claudia Rincon

Academic Program Coordinator

Shalaina Mullen

Academic Program Coordinator

Rhonda Guajardo

Accounting & Financial Analyst


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