Michael Thorpe headshot
Michael Terrance Thorpe

Academic Visitor

chelsea drake
Chelsea Drake

Assistant Director
Rice Emerging Scholars Program (RESP)

Terry Graham

Manager, Learning Spaces

George Ristow
George Ristow

University Architect

Klaus Weissenberger

Professor Emeritus, German Studies

Brooke Clark

Graduate Student

T. Clifton Morgan
T. Clifton Morgan

Albert Thomas Professor of Political Science

Canek Phillips
Canek Phillips

Research Scientist

Recently Added Profiles

Ziang (Anton) Zhang

Data Scientist, Ken Kennedy Institute

Mackenzie Lee
Mackenzie Lee

Marketing and Events Specialist, Ken Kennedy Institute

Xaymara Garza
Xaymara Garza

Global Marketing Manager

Senia Perez

Video Production Specialist

Billy Mounchan

Video Production Specialist

Matthew Moravec

DSP Research Project Specialist


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