Ferreira da Silva
José Ferreira da Silva

Dual Degree Graduate Student
Department of History
School of Humanities

Samia Ishaq

HR Service Center Coordinator

photo of the person
Susan Rosenberg

Ben F. Love Chair in Cancer Research, Baylor College of Medicine
Professor Molecular and Human Genetics Baylor College of Medicine
Professor Program in Systems, Synthetic, and Physical Biology Rice University

Welcome to CEE
Debasish Jana

PhD Graduate Student, Nagarajaiah Research Group
Ryon Lab 221

Shivani Bothra
Shivani Bothra

Bhagwaan Mahavir/Chao Family Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Jain Studies

Kristina Cibor

PhD Graduate Student, Doss-Gollin Research group

Nicole Dadurian headshot
Nicole Dadurian

Proposal Preparation Specialist

Matt McCary
Matthew McCary

Assistant Professor of BioSciences

Travis Alexander
Travis Alexander

Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellow

Recently Added Profiles

Gloria Bean
Gloria Bean

Department Administrator/Program Manager

Charlotte Castro headshot
Charlotte Castro

Digital Communications and Marketing Specialist II

Sarah Diez
Sarah Diez

Senior Research Analyst

Schaefer Edwards
Schaefer Edwards

Internal Communications Writer

Mostafa Mohie Lotfy
Mostafa Mohie Lotfy

Graduate Student

Evelyn V Keyes
Evelyn V. Keyes

Professor in the Practice


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