César A. Uribe

Louis Owen Jr. Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Visiting Professor at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, MIPT

Abby Vacek
Abby Vacek

Facilities & Purchasing Administrator

Anil Kumar Vadathya

Research Engineer Optical Engineering

Peter Vail headshot
Peter Vail

Professor Emeritus

Robert Vajtai
Robert Vajtai

Research Professor

Ben H. A. A. van den Brule
Ben H. A. A. van den Brule

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry

Photo of Nicole Van Den Heuvel
Nicole Van Den Heuvel

Executive Director
Center for Career Development

Ivo van der Werff
Ivo-Jan van der Werff

Professor of Viola

Van Helden
Albert Van Helden

Professor Emeritus, History

Recently Added Profiles

Amanda M. Jungels
Amanda M. Jungels

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Sociology

Minjae Kim
Minjae Kim

Affiliated Assistant Professor of Sociology

Kevin Slagle
Kevin Slagle

Assistant Professor , Electrical and Computer Engineering

Portrait of Yelda Gungor
Yelda Gungor

Graduate Student, Economics

David Halliburton

Video Production Specialist

Anish Thomas
Anish Thomas

Risk Management and Insurance Specialist II


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