Picture of Alice Chow
Alice Chow

Associate Director of Operations, IRSO

Katie Donovan
Katie Donovan

Associate Director of Development

Lisa Ross
Lisa Ross

Support Manager

Kory Evans
Kory Evans

Assistant Professor of BioSciences

Anna Rhodes
Anna Rhodes

Assistant Professor

Valeria Payre headshot
Valerie Payre

Wiess Postdoctoral Research Associate

Gabriella Gagliano

Graduate Student, Applied Physics Program
Advisor: Dr. Anna-Karin Gustavsson (CHEM)
Matriculation Year: 2020

hillary norwood
Hillary Norwood

Constituent Relations Officer

Recently Added Profiles

Siyi Zhou

PhD Graduate Student, Stadler Research Group

Maximillian Cobos

PhD Graduate Student, Li Research Group

Feiyang Chen

MCEE Graduate Student

Kristina Cibor

PhD Graduate Student, Doss-Gollin Research group

Sara Denison

PhD Graduate Student, Alvarez Research group

Soobin Cho

PhD Graduate Student, Getachew Research Group