David S. Toombs
David S. Toombs

Research Analyst

Margaret Beier
Margaret Beier


Ahmad Kabbani

Adjunct Professor
Retired Professor of Chemistry, LAU-Beirut Campus

Meidi Wang

Graduate Student

Cecilia Clementi
Cecilia Clementi

Professor of Chemistry, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, and Physics & Astronomy

Melissa Chaviers
Melissa Chaviers

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Ang Chen
Ang Chen

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Katherine Ensor
Katherine B. Ensor

Noah G. Harding Professor of Statistics
Director of CoFES

Levi Saucedo
Levi Saucedo

Data Manager

Recently Added Profiles

Siyi Zhou

PhD Graduate Student, Stadler Research Group

Maximillian Cobos

PhD Graduate Student, Li Research Group

Feiyang Chen

MCEE Graduate Student

Kristina Cibor

PhD Graduate Student, Doss-Gollin Research group

Sara Denison

PhD Graduate Student, Alvarez Research group

Soobin Cho

PhD Graduate Student, Getachew Research Group